“The ongoing battle for Mauna Kea eclipses the field of astronomy. It confronts more than 125 years of American imperialism in Hawaiʻi, interrogates false paradigms about science for all humankind, and demands a future that is just.But at the root of everything is a devastatingly fundamental question:

How can human progress occur on stolen lands?”

- vice news, Jul 26 2019, 3:56am


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    •    Forbes: Astronomy Faces A Field-Defining Choice In Choosing The Next Steps For The TMT

    •    Hawaii News Now: Maui police chief defends decision to send officers to Mauna Kea

    •    KITV4: Kiai receive support from Lakota Sioux tribe and TMT receives support from Chamber of Commerce

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  • Hawaii News Now: Opponents remain at base of Mauna Kea, ready for day 2 of TMT protests

  • Hawaii Public Radio: Day One On Mauna Kea: Calm Generally Prevailed At TMT Protest

  • MSN News: Protests rage against construction of massive telescope on sacred Hawaiian peak

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